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A night of Stand-up
and Storytelling that
moves the audience to laugh and cry before the evening
is over.

Download the brochure
for Tom's stand-up show celebrating his time with
one of the greatest careers show business has
ever known.

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“Only a guy who traveled with Sinatra for 14 years and stood in the wings watching him work his magic night after night to packed houses could pull off a show like this.”
- Dennis McCarthy, Los Angeles Daily News

“A good comedian can make you laugh for an hour and a half. A great comedian can make you laugh and cry in that same hour and a half. Be prepared to do just that..... Brilliant... Funny..... Poignant!”
- Rick Kogan, The Chicago Tribune

“Excellent material, superb delivery, impeccable timing. Tom Dreesen is the quintessential comedian.”
- Larry Wilde, Author of "The Great Comedians"